Agency Technology Appropriation (C2) Guidance

As a means of helping Agencies plan their IT budget requests and annual plans, the Department, in collaboration with the Department of Finance & Administration (DFA) and the Legislative Finance Committee (LFC), provides the following guidance with regard to IT special appropriation requests.

FY19 Agency IT Special Appropriation / C2 Funding Requests Guidance

For SFY 2019, we are streamlining the C2 process. Instead of a one-page business case, each agency that plans to request SFY 2019 C2 funds for technology projects must complete the basic information requested in the below SFY19 Planned C2 Agency Funding Request Template and submit it to DoIT not later than July 13, 2017 by emailing the completed template to

The template for the SFY 2019 full business case, the C2 form and the Cost of Ownership table are listed below. The SFY 2019 C2 full business case submissions are due September 1, 2017.