The Department of Information Technology (DoIT) Office of Broadband & Geospatial Initiatives (OBGI) started in 2016, as an expansion of the successful New Mexico Broadband Program (NMBBP). DoIT is a natural fit for OBGI due to the agency's long-term broadband and geospatial experience as well as in-house technical engineering expertise.

OBGI coordinates broadband and geospatial activities within New Mexico while collaborating with State, Local, Federal, Tribal, and private entities to leverage returns on investments, economies of scale, and sustainability. The Office aligns initiatives and projects while helping plan, develop and foster long-term solutions. OBGI envisions every New Mexican having access to affordable high-speed Internet and a statewide geospatial framework.

The Office consolidates State resources to help the greater good and encourages Internet Service Provider (ISP) transparency via State owned public mapping resources. DoIT's geospatial system, and underlying data, support a variety of growing initiatives, including the Governor's Broadband for Education (BB4E - http://www.broadband4education.nm.gov/) Initiative with Broadband for Libraries (BB4L), Broadband for Business (BB4B), Broadband for Safety (BB4S), and Broadband for Health (BB4H). OBGI works closely with NM ISPs and believes their infrastructure and costing data is a key component to allowing the State to better assist citizens, rural communities, safety networks, agencies, businesses, public schools, libraries, and many other groups, in achieving necessary broadband goals.


Kendra L. Karp - Director OBGI

Gar Clarke - Broadband & Geospatial Program Manager