IT Strategic Planning

The Department of Information Technology is responsible for coordinating the State IT Strategic Plan, Agencies' Annual IT Strategic Plans, and the DoIT Annual IT Strategic Plan. Click the links below to access the Agency IT Strategic Planning Guidebook/Template and Calendar, the current Statewide IT Strategic Plan, previous Agency IT Plan highlights, and previous DoIT Agency IT plans.

Agency IT Strategic Plan Guidance

This year we have significantly revised the Agency IT Strategic Plan Guidebook/Template and Agency IT Strategic Plan Calendar. Please contact Sally Trigg at if you have any questions.

Information Technology Strategic Plans

In preparing the IT Strategic Plan, the Department of Information Technology assesses the status of the IT environment within the Agencies and the enterprise, and establishes the IT Strategic Plan as the recommendation for moving the state forward to serve the residents of New Mexico.

Agencies' Annual Information Technology Plans

The IT Working Group was formulated to create collaboration between the agency IT leads, Chief Information Officers, and the Department of Information Technology for IT Planning. The IT Working Group selected to post Agencies IT Plan Highlights instead of the full IT plans.

Department of Information Technology Annual IT Plan