About the Department

The New Mexico Department of Information Technology was created in 2007 to provide state government a strong technical foundation to better serve its citizens and to create more accountability and efficiency in the information technology arena. The new Department is focused on providing excellent service to its customers.

The Department is organized into three program areas: Enterprise Services, Compliance and Project Management and Program Support. The Department's central office and the State Data Center are located in the John F. Simms Jr. Building in Santa Fe. Additional administrative and technical support offices are located in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Las Cruces and Roswell.

Enterprise Services Program

Enterprise Services provides the State with the information technology fabric that enables agencies to innovate and excel in their specific domains with the goal of consolidating services duplicated within agencies to promote cost savings and efficiencies. This is accomplished through the delivery and management of cost effective and efficient information technology infrastructure services, enterprise applications and other value added IT services. The Enterprise Services Program is enterprise funded thereby assessing fees for services which includes the depreciation cost for providing service. This enables an Equipment Replacement Fund to be utilized to maintain and enhance services over time.

This program is responsible for infrastructure IT services provided 24x7x365 which includes: the State's telecommunications system, two-way public safety radio, digital microwave, the State's core data network and internet connectivity, and the State's Data Center. The State's Data Center provides a secure facility with redundant power and cooling which houses many of the State's critical IT systems including the State's mainframe and agency servers. This division also provides enterprise system services which include the State's consolidated email system, the State's consolidated financial and human capital management system [Statewide Human Resource, Accounting, and Management REporting (SHARE)], and system infrastructure for many of the State's websites and web applications. Other services provided by Enterprise Services include application development, database management and the Enterprise Service Desk which provides level-one technical support 24x7x365 for all State employees.

Compliance and Project Management Program

The Compliance and Project Management Program is the state's Enterprise Project Management Office and performs the following functions: Provide IT Management Lifecycle policies, methodologies and templates for IT initiatives to promote quality and success and report regularly to Executive, Legislative, and IT Commission on the status of the State's IT Project Portfolio; Provide support, guidance and oversight on IT projects and procurements to promote improved outcomes; Review agency IT plans for prudent allocation of IT resources and monitor compliance of projects with agency strategic plan and the state IT strategic plan; Review appropriation requests and legislation related to IT and make recommendations to the Department of Finance, and Legislative Finance Commission for formal approval by the Legislature and the Governor; and Provide senior project management for enterprise projects.

Program Support

Program Support provides leadership and administrative services to the Department in support of the Department's mission. This division includes the Office of the Secretary. This division is responsible for the Department's direction, administrative policies and procedures, human resources, budget and financial management, and purchasing and contractual support. Additionally, this division is responsible for establishing a cost recovery model and rates for the services provided by the Department.