NM Broadband Executive Committee Organization Chart
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Darryl Ackley - Secretary, New Mexico Department of Information Technology
Darryl Ackley is Cabinet Secretary for the New Mexico Department of Information Technology. He brings years of experience managing information technology systems to the department, most recently as Assistant Director at the Institute for Complex Additive Systems Analysis at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, which is responsible for the oversight of operations and maintenance of computer systems used for the processing of critical government information. He holds both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Computer Science from the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.

Charles Ferrell - Telecom Industry
Charles Ferrell is currently the Executive Director of the New Mexico Exchange Group (NMECG), an industry association representing thirteen New Mexico telephone companies in the legislative and regulatory arenas both nationally and locally. He has worked in the telephone industry for 44 years, beginning his career as a lineman in Minnesota, progressing to become New Mexico State Manager for Contel of the West, and finally to General Manager of Tularosa Basin Telephone Company, from which he retired in 2006.

Brian Tagaban - Native Nations
Brian Tagaban received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering from Northern Arizona University, and began his professional career in Silicon Valley, CA with Hewlett-Packard. As an Education Consultant for Professional Services taught HP Unix system and network administration, which led to opportunities with two Internet startup companies managing their web production systems. Since moving back to the Navajo Nation, he has directed his experience to roads & transportation, to public health, and to telecommunication regulations within the agencies of the Navajo Nation.

Arturo Gonzales - Health
Dr. Arturo Gonzales is Executive Director of the Sangre de Cristo Community Health Partnership (SDCCHP), a non profit organization which has integrated behavioral health and medical care services in New Mexico. Dr. Gonzales brings 25+ years of administrative and program experience in the areas of Health Care Planning, Primary Care Practice Management, Rural Health Care Delivery, Managed Care Planning Implementation, Development of Community Collaborations, Development of Integrated Services to Indigent and Special Populations, and Facilitation and Strategic Program Planning.

Devon Skeele - Digital Literacy
Devon Skeele is the New Mexico State Librarian, returning to the State Library where she had earlier been the Head 0f the Public Services Bureau. Her background includes 11 years at the Library of Congress, National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, as well as experience in public, academic, school, and special libraries in California, Washington DC-metro, and New Mexico. Her interest in the broadband initiative stems from a commitment to building the capacity of libraries to provide New Mexicans with access to information throughout the state. Through the Fast Forward New Mexico project, the State Library has spearheaded internet training for residents in 17 libraries throughout NM. She holds a MSLS degree from the University of Southern California.

Don Emery - Non-Government Organizations
Don Emery is Co-founder and Partner of 20/80 Ideas, a Web-marketing services company that pioneered Search Segmentation marketing. He is also Professor Emeritus of Marketing, San Francisco State University. In addition, Dr. Emery serves on the board of One Economy, a non-profit organization bringing broadband internet access to low-cost, government-assisted housing residents. He also serves on the board of the Santa Fe Farmers' Market Institute and on the International Advisory Board, Culverhouse College of Business and Administration at the University of Alabama. Finally, he is active on Advisory Boards of a variety of emerging hi-tech businesses.

Mike Inglis - Geospatial Clearinghouse
Mike Inglis is the Associate Director of Earth Data Analysis Center at the University of New Mexico, Director of the Resource Geographic Information System (RGIS) Program, and represents the RGIS Program and Clearinghouse on the NM Geospatial Advisory Committee (GAC). He is a member of the New Mexico Geographic Information Council (NMGIC) and serves as Chair of the NMGIC's State Mapping Advisory Committee. He also is a member of the New Mexico Floodplain Managers Association, the New Mexico Geological Society, and serves on the NM State Geologic Mapping Advisory Committee.

Michael Ripperger - Regulatory
Michael Ripperger is the Telecommunications Bureau Chief at the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission, and has been with the Utility Division of the NMPRC since 1998. He is also a member of the Information Technology Commission, and holds a Master's degree in Economics from UNM.