Regional Broadband Implementation Plan Pilot (Application Due May 24, 2013)

The New Mexico Broadband Program (NMBBP) is launching two "Regional Broadband Implementation Plan (RBIP) Pilots" within the State. These "Pilots" will not only provide a solid planning and infrastructure framework for selected areas, yet identify future funding and procedural process to expand this implementation concept throughout New Mexico. The objective of the RBIP is to provide statewide broadband that is equally affordable, redundant, and abundant. In addition, to demonstrate the use of technologies and strategies that are most effective for rural areas.

Application for the NMBBP Regional Broadband Implementation Plan Pilot

Fact Sheet about the NMBBP Regional Broadband Implementation Plan

Broadband Speed/Quality Test (Ongoing)

The New Mexico Broadband Program (NMBBP) is soliciting your assistance in identifying those areas within New Mexico having inadequate broadband service. A "Speed Test" is a simple way of doing this. The NMBBP is suggesting that you conduct this Speed Test repeatedly during the week and at difference times in the day. That way we can analyze the differences between peak hour loads and low use periods.

The NMBBP will gather these data, map the results, and aggregate into categories to assess level of services within New Mexico. Please be assured your individual addresses will not be shared, yet information will be aggregated into neighborhood blocks to provide a picture of broadband performance. These data will assist planning and funding requests for building more access to broadband.

So get going on mapping broadband performance within New Mexico by clicking on the following:

Glossary of Terms

  • Bandwidth: the rate at which data can be transmitted between your computer and the testing servers.
  • kbps or kb/s: kilobits per second - a measure of Bandwidth. File sizes are normally indicated in terms of "bytes"; one byte is equal to 8 bits. In other words, 1000 kilobits per second is equal to 125 kilobytes per second.
  • Mbps or Mb/s: Megabits per second - another measure of Bandwidth. One Megabit is equal to 1024 kilobits.
  • Packet: a unit of data capable of being routed through a computer network.
  • Latency: the time it takes for a single packet of data to be sent from your computer to the testing server and back (the "round trip" time). This is measured in milliseconds, or thousandths of a second.
  • Jitter: a measure of the variability in Latency.

CASA Crowdsourcing Application Live (Ongoing)

On behalf of the DoIT NM Broadband Program (NMBBP) and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, Earth Data Analysis Center (EDAC) has built a "Crowd Sourcing" application focusing on Community Institutions (Libraries, Government Buildings, Fire Stations, Law Enforcement, Schools, Health Facilities, etc.). The database is called CASA (Community Anchor Site Assessment) and is the first time these data have been assembled into one package. However, the NMBBP invite you to assist in making these data more accurate both spatially on the map and to improve the tabular data associated with each building. We are especially interested in knowing Broadband Technologies, the Provider, and Speeds. We will be vetting these data and providing to those who wish a copy once we've improved the quality. So, access the Crowd Sourcing Application and help us to improve New Mexico's Data at:

NMBBP Crowdsourcing Tutorial: YouTube
NMBBP Crowdsourcing Application: