Geospatial Information Systems (GIS)

New Mexico is rich in data, information, and resources. Geographic Information System (GIS) technology has matured over time in New Mexico. It has moved and expanded from the hands of highly trained specialists dealing with mainframe technology to user-friendly tools on the desktop and in the field. GIS users can now concentrate less on the technology and processes, and focus more on the outcomes and solutions to problems. This has resulted in GIS being better integrated within programs that need to analyze and provide geographic information. GIS has become an integral part of the decision making and public service process.

Geospatial Advisory Committee (GAC)

The Geospatial Advisory Committee is chartered under the DoIT to provide a forum for state and local, federal, regional, tribal, and private interests to: Coordinate geospatial information and technologies in New Mexico State Government, and develop policy recommendations and guidelines concerning geospatial data and technologies in state government, and share geospatial information among all government agencies and the public.

GAC charter:

GAC website:

New Mexico Geospatial Strategic Plan

Completed in 2007, the New Mexico Geospatial Strategic Plan presents a statewide perspective on the management and coordination of enterprise geographic information in New Mexico. The plan identifies the goals and objectives for GIS coordination in the state. It also presents a comprehensive, long-range view of geographic information management that provides direction for detailed tactical planning.