Mainframe Hosting

Centralized, high-performance, cost-effective, reliable, highly available and secure compute mainframe platform to meet agency business needs.  Located in State data center in Santa Fe, NM, with back up and disaster recovery at a distant secured location in NM.

DoIT manages an IBM 2828-H06 z/Enterprise Business Class (zBC12) and a Disaster Recovery IBM 2818-M05 (z13s) Enterprise Server that is designed to optimize On Demand Business providing an advanced combination of reliability, availability, security, scalability and virtualization features, with the ability to reallocate processing power. The BC12 runs three Central Processing Unit (CPU’s) engines with a Million Instruction Per Second (MIPS) rating of 629; Scalable up to six CPU engines on demand. It is formatted as a single Logical PARtition (LPAR) managing VM host/zOS guest that can respond to changing business priorities as required with the flexibility of turning on/off processing engines and adding many virtual guests when needed. The enterprise server is available 99% of a 24 × 7 × 365 up time schedule.

System Support

DoIT is running z/OS operating system; One z/VM Host managing hardware resources for z/OS guests supporting several in-house written COBOL, JAVA applications, and Assembler; FORTRAN, PL/I, C/C++. Python and Perl capable, PL/I language and panel support, SAS system reporting language utility and REXX command exec as well as multiple additional third-party products. DoIT has a staff of mainframe technical experts that manage, upgrade and apply maintenance to the operating, language, online, database systems and products.

On-line Processing

Customer Information Control System (CICS) works with communication methods to support DoIT's large network of terminals that run interactive application programs written in COBOL, Assembler or other languages. CICS runs in its own address space and manages the execution of the application programs that communicate with client terminal users and data bases. Multiprogramming within the CICS address space is transparent but dependent on the MVS operating system. DoIT has mainframe technical staff to manage, upgrade and apply maintenance to the CICS environment. Time Sharing Option (TSO) runs under MVS and allows terminal users to invoke MVS facilities interactively.


DoIT manages ACF2 that protects the enterprise systems and data by controlling access to the system, data, and resources. It provides additional controls to limit access at the client level. ACF2 dynamically intercepts user requests for services and calls system routines to check for appropriate authorization. File Transfer Security Software CyberFusion/NDM utilities support highly confidential data and secure transmissions for data coming and going via the mainframe. DoIT has technical support staff to assist clients with requests for secured services.

Batch Processing

Job Control Language (JCL) is the language used for submitting units of batch work to the operating systems. The operating systems allocate time and space resources for the jobs as required. Batch windows for client production start at 6pm and ends at 7am the following day. Job Entry Subsystem (JES) assists the JCL jobs. A menu-like interface, Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF), spool display and search facility (SDSF) and an automated scheduler are available for initiating and managing jobs.


DoIT supports DB2 as its primary database for online transactions with technical support staff that manages, upgrade and applies maintenance to the data bases as required. DB2 manages relational databases that can be accessed using Structured Query Language (SQL). DB2 is setup in an independent address space that is utilized to manage concurrent access to DB2 data. DB2 programs are written to run under CICS or in batch mode.

Storage, Disk & Tape

IBM DS8870 allows for direct and rapid access to large quantities of data. DoIT currently manages Shared Virtual Array (SVA) DASD by managing, upgrading and applying maintenance to System-Managed Storage (SMS) and Tape Management Software (TMS) that enables data integrity, system and client data tier management and dataset allocations. In addition, DoIT supports an IBM TS7740 virtual tape environment for rapid I/O response for systems and client production to include mirroring both Disk and Tape data to offsite location for disaster recovery.

Backups, DR, Data Vaulting and Archiving

Doit systems staff manages data integrity backups utilizing System-Managed Storage which allows for grouping of specific backup requirements as required by the client and best practices. Clients are responsible for data restart points with their production and database as needed.   

DoIT manages system and sub-system backup and recovery to a standing warm site, secured data center outside of the Santa Fe production location. The disaster recovery has been tested and resulted in 100% green marks for each test eliminate conducted by its client base. All data is mirrored to offsite to like hardware and is measured within less than a minute of data integrity restart objectives. This is a highly reliable disaster recovery architecture and one of the best in the nation.

Operations & Printing

Operators provide limited production printing and production monitoring; this manual service is fading out due to advances in automation of notification features of the job scheduler that can port messages directly to client’s emails and/or smart phones. Output Printing and archiving is 99% automated by system hold ques and Dispatch output manager that disseminates output to printers in local offices or archives data in an output filing system. DoIT manages two XEROX Nuvera 100mx enterprise, cut sheet, duplex, AFP, IP printers and a Solimar print director which takes advantage of virtual private networks to port data between DoIT and clients.

  • System Control: Operators monitor two operating systems and reply to the outstanding requests as required.  They monitor all running started tasks and initiate calls to systems staff at the event of an ABEND or unusual outstanding write to operator reply (WTOR).
  • Enterprise Printer Services: Operators manage print jobs for clients on request. They assist with printer maintenance as needed. They secure the DoIT printer and Solimar Director. They maintain and manage printer paper and associated supplies.

Service Level Options


Price/Cost Description

Customer Responsibilities

  • Contact DoIT for upgrades, problem resolution, new application installs, and application changes requiring system level resources

Service Support

This service is available to customers 24 × 7, excluding planned outages, maintenance windows and unavoidable events. Maintenance windows are used only when needed for scheduled changes.

The Department of Information Technology Enterprise Support Desk operates 24 × 7 and offers a single point of contact for all customer inquiries related to services and the State's technical infrastructure. The Enterprise Support Desk provides technical analysis, problem solving, and first and second level diagnostics.

DoIT may monitor the use of this service at any time and by any reasonable means. In providing services, DoIT reserves the right to take any action necessary to protect the integrity or security of state information technology systems, resources, or infrastructure.

Service Level Objectives

99.9% Availability excluding scheduled maintenance windows.

Provisioning the Service

Contact the Enterprise Support Desk at (505) 827-2121 or by e-mailing to order the service.

Additional Information