Virtual Machine Equipment Hosting

The Department offers server services that are hosted in our VMware virtual environment. Agencies can rely on a stable cluster of servers with adequate CPU, RAM and disk space to host your tools, monitoring software, management servers, websites, applications, databases, etc.

The virtual machines are 100% customizable. We can assist with architecting a viable system to support agency goals and vendor requirements.

Hosting a server in our environment, we include virtual machine level backups which are retained for 60 days. We can also work with your agency during upgrades and routine maintenance, to perform VMware snapshots which give you a point-in-time return to roll back to in the case something went awry.

Service Level Options


Price/Cost Description

  • vCPU $86.63 each monthly
  • RAM $23.10 each monthly
  • Hard Disk $0.58 per GB monthly

Customer Responsibilities

  • Provide server vCPU, RAM, drive sizes. NOTE: These specifications will be different than physical server resources requirements. When working with virtual servers some of the vendor requirements can typically be reduced/adjusted because of the performance capabilities within VMware.

Service Support

This service is available to customers 24 × 7, excluding planned outages, maintenance windows and unavoidable events. Maintenance windows are used only when needed for scheduled changes.

The Department of Information Technology Enterprise Support Desk operates 24 × 7 and offers a single point of contact for all customer inquiries related to services and the State's technical infrastructure. The Enterprise Support Desk provides technical analysis, problem solving, and first and second level diagnostics.

Service Level Objectives


Provisioning the Service

Contact the Enterprise Support Desk at (505) 827-2121 or by e-mailing to order the service.