Voting System Certification Committee

The Voting System Certification Committee was created by House Bill 198 during the 2010 Legislature for the purpose of reviewing written test reports and the findings of the Secretary of State on the certification, recertification and decertification of voting systems for use in elections in the state.

2010 General Election Request for the VSCC

Meeting Notice

The Voting System Certification Committee will meet at 2:00pm on February 1, 2012 in the State Capitol, Room 326.

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes

Committee Members

  • Conny R. Maki, Deputy Secretary, Enterprise Services, NM Dept. of Information Technology
  • Mary Quintana, Otero County Deputy Clerk
  • Darlene Rosprim, Eddy County Clerk
  • Denise Lamb, Santa Fe County Deputy Clerk
  • Fran Hanhardt, San Juan County Deputy Clerk